"THE BABY" Barista Club London Dry Gin 0.1L SonderEdition - Hanseatic Coffee Company
"THE BABY" Barista Club London Dry Gin 0.1L SonderEdition - Hanseatic Coffee Company

"THE BABY" Barista Club London Dry Gin 0.1L Special Edition

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Handcrafted / small batch distilled / london dry gin

We at the Hanseatic Coffee Company love coffee - and make sure that we always have the best beans on the hook for all roasts. The aroma of the "Peru Highland" variety inspired this coffee gin.

One of the most extraordinary and highest quality gins ever - which pleasantly stands out from the gin crowd - presents a completely new delight. The high art of distilling by Hubertus Vallendar makes this noble distillate a real aroma experience. The water for the basic distillate is specially brought in from Norden in East Frisia. Hubertus Vallendar has long searched for the perfect water. It is particularly soft and therefore the best basis for the distillate.

This London Dry Gin should not smell like coffee. So Hubertus Vallendar was not faced with an easy task. But he succeeded perfectly in integrating our Organic Peru Highland Coffee discreetly and very pleasantly into the distillate. It is not until the finish on the back of the tongue that an extremely tasty, natural and discreet coffee note comes to the fore. A real surprise and makes this gin a masterpiece in its class. Not only for coffee fans !

As a London Dry Gin, our gin is 100% distilled and contains neither artificial flavourings nor added sugar.

Citrus notes of grapefruit, orange and lemon myrtle carry the coffee aroma. Other flowers and roots, as well as hazelnut and cinnamon bark make it smooth and

Another quality feature is the slight cloudiness, which can occur on contact with ice. Real connoisseurs appreciate this so-called Louche effect, it is a sign of a very gentle filtering process, which ensures the full development of aromas.

We love our gin pure on ice - an incredible taste experience for true gin friends.

Our gin expert Freddy recommends a dry tonic, some grapefruit zest (ideally rub the zest lightly on the rim of the glass) and of course ice - ready is a delicious, refreshing gin.

Distilled by the distillery Hubertus Vallendar for:
Barista Club Fine Spirits UG Hamburg

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