Stove Cooker Bialetti


The mocha pot has long been an integral part of southern coffee culture. Whether at home or on the go, it's always a perfect companion.

What you need.

Stovetop pot
fresh, finely ground coffee (coarser than for portafilter, finer than for hand filter)

Step 1
Fill water into the bottom of the stove top to just below the bottom edge of the valve.

Step 2
Grind your coffee slightly coarser than for the portafilter but finer than for the hand filter. Now pour the coffee into the filter, making sure the surface is even and straight. Do not press the coffee too hard, otherwise it will be more difficult for the water to pass through. Now screw the cooker together.

Step 3
Place the kettle on the stove and open the lid. Set the stovetop to the medium heat setting. After a short time, the coffee will run into the upper chamber. As soon as the coffee runs through continuously, remove the stovetop kettle from the plate - the remaining heat is sufficient to finish the extraction.

My advice
Be sure to remove the pot from the stove in a timely manner. This will prevent burning from the excessive heat.