Hand filter Hario V60

Handfilter Hario V60

Hario V60

The classic among the hand filters. Due to its special design and the grooves, the Hario V60 ensures a perfect extraction of the coffee. It has a conical shape and the grooves on the filter walls are curved towards the outlet hole. Thus, the water is directed through the entire coffee towards the spout and ensures that the coffee is loosened during the brewing process and more oxygen gets into it. Thus, you get a clear and clean cup of coffee.
What do you need?

Hario V60 Dripper
V60 filter paper
15g fresh, medium-ground coffee (about the size of grains of salt)
250g water 94°C

Brewing time:
2:30 - 3:30 min

Step 1
Place the paper filter in the V60 and rinse with hot water. This will allow you to preheat the pot and rinse any foreign smells out of the filter paper. Then distribute 15g of freshly ground coffee evenly and evenly in the filter.

Step 2
Now wet the coffee with the first 30-40g of water. Make sure that all your coffee grounds are wetted. The "blooming phase" now ensures that excess CO2 escapes from the coffee grounds and prepares the coffee for a perfect extraction. The blooming phase is 30-45 seconds depending on the coffee.

Step 3
Now start all the circular movements and divide the remaining 210g of water into 3-4 Pours. e.g. 1st Pour 90g | 2nd Pour 160g | 3rd Pour 200g | 4th Pour 250g - make sure that the brewing time does not exceed 3:30 min. Now the coffee is ready.

My advice
Stir through the coffee with a stir stick during the blooming phase to make sure all of it is wetted with water. You can vary with your grind to affect the taste of the coffee. If the coffee is too acidic, grind finer, if it tastes too bitter, grind coarser.