French press

French Press

French Press

If you want consistent results and a strong body, reach for the French Press. Here I show you my favorite recipe.

Here's what you need!

French Press
30g fresh coffee - coarse grind
500g water 95°C

Brewing time:
4:30 min

Step 1
Rinse the French Press with hot water and bring to temperature. Then add 30g of freshly ground coffee with a very coarse grind to the French Press.

Step 2
Now wet the coffee grounds with 100g of water and let it brew for 30 seconds. The blooming phase allows all the gases to escape.

Step 3
Now pour in the rest of the water and give it another good stir. Put the lid on the French Press and let it brew for 4 minutes. Then press the strainer down and enjoy your coffee.

My advice
Stir through the coffee with a stir stick during the blooming phase to make sure all of it is wetted with water. You can vary with your grind to affect the taste of the coffee. If the coffee is too acidic, grind finer, if it tastes too bitter, grind coarser.