We are one of the best coffee roasters in Germany!

The Feinschmecker has rated us and nominated us among the best 500 roasteries in Germany. In Hamburg we even made it into the TOP 5. We are proud of our performance and the work our team does every day to secure such awards! We say thank you to our team and look forward to many more exciting years and awards!

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-Always fresh coffee in the house
-10% discount

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We are Hanseatic Coffee Roasters - a young coffee roastery in Hamburg with a focus on specialty coffee. We search for the best coffees on the best farms in the world and process them with love and great skill in our roastery in Hamburg Bahrenfeld. We offer high-quality espressos and filter coffees, as well as a fine selection of coffee accessories.

Coffee is more complex than wine. That is why it is all the more important for us to know the nature and origin of our green coffee. These particularities continue in our individual roasting. We place great emphasis on sustainability, knowledge of coffee and gentle roasting.


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